Approaches to Social Contributions

Activities undertaken by the TKC Group for a sustainable society and an abundant future

TKC is engaged in various social contribution activities in hope to hand over a sustainable society to the next generations. We undertake activities in the academics and educational fields including exhibits of tax-related literature and materials that are relevant to our business activities, and also provide support to promote sports and culture in our homeland, Tochigi Prefecture.

Sustainability Policy

  1. Develop products and provide services that achieve “Contribution to our Customers” (Contribution)
    For the prosperity of our customers, we will seek conditions for the business of our customers, develop systems to strengthen these conditions, and offer our utmost support for their implementation. Our joy is to contribute to our customers.
  2. Practice compliance (Compliance)
    Since our founding, we have adopted the so-called “management based on rules.” All officers and employees are required to comply with laws and other social norms, and we strive to meet the expectations of our stakeholders (customers, shareholders, business partners, etc.).
  3. Ensuring information security (Information security)
    We offer various information-related services through the most appropriate use of the latest information and communication technologies (ICT) on a constant basis to accounting firms and their clients and local governments. We recognize that ensuring information security is a priority in conducting our business activities, and we consider it our social responsibility.
  4. Maintaining and promoting fair and free competition (Fair Trade)
    We promote responsible procurement with the goal of resolving various social issues that reside in supply chains. In addition, by carrying out appropriate transactions under fair and free competition, we seek to strengthen relationships of trust with our business partners. We also take a firm stand against all antisocial forces or groups that threaten public order and safety.
  5. Protecting the global environment (Environment) and preparing for natural disasters (BCP)
    We consider environmental conservation to be a social responsibility, and believe it is indispensable to the realization of a sustainable society; accordingly, we actively promote the environmental conservation activities based on the Basic Environmental Policy we announced in 2007. So that we can continue to provide cloud services even in times of various natural disasters, we ensure that all our data centers meet the requirements of Tier 3 or higher as stipulated by the Japan Data Center Council’s Data Center Facility Standard, and thereby operate robust and secure data center management and BCP measures.
  6. Respect for human rights (Social)
    We strive to understand various international norms related to human rights; we respect fundamental human rights, individuality, privacy, and various value systems, and we also work to provide safe and comfortable work environments, and to improve employee satisfaction. In addition, we will not engage in any act that violates human rights, such as the use of discriminatory language or behavior in relation to human rights, religion, gender, nationality, mental or physical disability, age, or sexual preference, nor violence, sexual harassment, or power harassment.We will take appropriate action if any violation of human rights is identified. We also require our business partners, etc. to act in a way that demonstrates respect for human rights, protects the environment, and complies with laws and regulations, etc.
  7. Strengthening corporate governance (Governance)
    We will maintain and strengthen effective governance systems to realize our sustainability policy as outlined above.

■ Established December 17, 2021

Realizing a sustainable society and rich future

Realizing a sustainable society and rich future