TKC Customer Support Service Co., Ltd.

Provide Help Desk Services,Our Specialized StaffResponding to System-related Inquiries

TKC Customer Support Service Co., Ltd. (TCSS) is a fully-owned subsidiary of TKC Corporation that specializes in offering call center services. Our well-trained specialized staff will answer telephone and email inquiries from tax accounting firms their clients, local governments, and other users.

At TKC Customer Support Service Co., Ltd. (TCSS), about 230 staff members (“communicators”) offer customer support services with a mission to provide accurate, prompt, and courteous help desk services. TCSS handles inquires on the operation or setups of systems from accounting firms and their clients and local governments, and provides guidance on what to do in the event of system failure.
The TKC System My Support, which is operated by TCSS, began providing services on a nationwide level starting in October 2018, and is used by to 5,600 Member firms and 31,200 of their clients as of December 2021.
Many female staff members work actively at TCSS. The company provides enhanced education and training so that employees who do not have experience in call center operations can work with a sense of security for many years. TCSS also works to develop a pleasant work environment with spacious, stress-free offices, five break spaces that employees can use depending on the mood or condition (the book café, tatami space, massage room, silent room, etc.).
Aiming also to create a supportive environment for female employees, an in-house day care service (the Tokoshie Day Care Center) was established to encourage females returning to work after childbirth. There is also a nursing room equipped with a refrigerator within the premises ensuring privacy and giving working mothers a comfortable place to care for children. Such pleasant work environment has contributed greatly in recruiting and retaining capable personnel.
TCSS’s pleasant work environment was featured in the Call Center Japan trade journal, and received the Excellent Environment Award for office environments at the Contact Center Award 2019. In February 2022, TCSS was awarded the top, three-star rank under the HDI-Japan benchmarks and assessments; HDI-Japan is the Japanese branch of HDI, the world’s largest membership association for the technical support industry. TCSS’s quality in service is evidently highly regarded.


Awarded three stars under the HDI-Japan benchmarks and assessments, that association’s top rank

Book café

Japanese tatami room with sunken
kotatsu tables with heaters

Silent room

Tokoshie Day Care Center