Approaches Made by the Supplies Department

Helping to Achieve Efficiency in TKC Members' Operations and Build Comfortable Office Environments Adapting to Changes in Society and the Environment

The Supplies Division is a division that helps TKC member firms and their clients to "achieve efficiency in their operations" and to "build comfortable office environments." The TKC Online Shop for Supplies, exclusive to TKC members, proposes optimal solutions with a comprehensive range of products with more than 15,000 items, ranging from TKC computer accounting supplies to stationery, office equipment, office supplies, and office environment construction services.

Based on the policy agenda and strategic targets of the TKC National Federation looking towards 2021, the Supplies Division is engaged in activities to fulfill its missions as the logistics support provider.
Nowadays there has been a rapid development of ICT and the ensuing changes in the social environment and the operational process of tax consulting firms, as well as increasing requirements to strengthen information security highlighted by the Social Security and Tax Number System and the protection of personal information. These changes in the marketplace have prompted the Supplies Division to broaden its range of products and services, and now require product lineups with higher levels of expertise.
For instance, tax consulting firms dealing with important information such as accounting books and documents related to audits and the closing of accounts of their clients are required to achieve a unitary control over the process, from creating documents to their retention, use, storage, and disposal, as an important issue that needs a firm commitment from the viewpoint of protection against information leakage. Some of our products and services for the solution of the issue include converting paper documents into electronic data, "electronic filing systems", and "important document dissolution processing services." The Supplies Division is playing the role of helping tax consulting firms to solve the issue by "achieving efficiency in their operations", "sharing information", "building comfortable office environments" and "establishing a secure system of information management" through the products and services of TKC.
It is also working to reform distribution channels by setting up the TKC Online Shop for Supplies in "ProFIT", an intranet service for the TKC National Federation. In addition, TKC is contributing to cost reduction and the enhancement of operational efficiency for clients by offering the TKC Supplies Web Shop.

The Supplies Division is committed to providing its products and services as a solution in a timely manner.

Online Shop for Supplies

TKC Online Shop for Supplies

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