Approaches Made by the System Development Departments

Provide Support Based on Outstanding Innovations for Customers Bearing Critical Social Responsibility

The mission of the system development departments is to "strive for the ultimate goal of unsurpassed innovation" as described in the Basic Policy for Management.
The development force is divided into two segments: the Systems Laboratory in charge of developing systems for tax consulting firms and their clients and for large-scale companies, and the System Development Division undertaking the development of systems for local governments. A total of over 750 staff members, including engineers designing and developing the systems and customer support personnel, work to achieve "Contribution to our Customers."
The basic approach we take in designing and developing our systems is determined based on the requests and proposals that arise from the practice of our customers. For TKC, customers are our partners for development, so it all begins by listening to what our customers tell us.
For example, the systems TKC offers for tax consulting firms (certified public tax accountants and certified public accountants) are developed based on deliberation by the System Development Committee of the TKC National Federation, the members of which are the users. Through such collaboration with customers, every top manager and employee thinks seriously about "things that inconvenience and trouble customers" and "how our systems could be useful" at the starting point of every system development project.

System Development Committee of the TKC National Federation

Users of TKC systems are certified public tax accountants, certified public accountants, attorneys, managers and public employees. Because all of these customers are professionals engaged in knowledge-intensive services, the theoretical foundation of the systems we provide must be grounded in the accounting discipline, business science and legal areas including the commercial code, civil code, tax laws and administrative law. At the same time, it is essential that our systems are fully compliant with any amendments to the laws and regulations in a timely manner. That is why our system development demands the constant pursuit of professionalism.
In addition, to achieve greater "Contribution to our Customers", we must constantly generate outstanding innovations, and to do so, consider the four changesーchanges in the legal system, changes in the social system, changes in IT, and changes in customers' sense of valuesーas opportunities. It is becoming increasingly important to build a good workplace environment and enhance the capabilities of our human resources.
To respond to the trust of our customers bearing high levels of social responsibility, we make it a group-wide policy to continue our initiatives in acquiring the latest technologies and improving skills.

The available training systems and qualifications acquired by officers and employees of the system development departments as of January 2017 are shown below.

Training for new employees

System development