Basic Environmental Policy

At TKC, we recognize that environmental conservation is vital to achieving sustainable growth and improving our corporate value in the medium and long term. For these reasons, we have established a Basic Environmental Policy, the details of which are outlined below. Through the participation of all officers and employees, we will promote environmental conservation activities on a continuous basis.

  1. In order to reduce the environmental load generated by our business activities, all officers and employees will carry out measures to save resources and energy, promote recycling, and reduce waste, etc.
  2. With regard to our data centers, we will not stop at providing safe, secure, and convenient cloud services; instead, we will give consideration both to reducing electricity consumption and to conserving the environment when making capital investments. In addition, we will implement energy saving measures that take advantage of the natural environment.
  3. At all our offices, we will strive to create work environments that are both comfortable and energy-efficient; at the same time, we will actively promote the digitalization of our work processes and reduce our use of paper documents.
  4. We will support the digitalization of our customers’ work processes through the development and provision of cloud ser-vices; we will also select products that are environmentally friendly when procuring goods we provide to our customers.
  5. We will comply with laws and regulations as well as various rules related to the environment; we will also carry out regular training related to our Basic Environmental Policy, and so work to improve the environmental awareness of our employees.

■ Established January 11, 2007
■ Revised March 8, 2022