How TKC was Founded, and for What Purpose

TKC is a specialized electronic data processing center for accounting firms and local governments.

TKC Corporation was incorporated on October 22, 1966, with its head office located in Utsunomiya City, Tochigi Prefecture.
At the time of incorporation, its founder Dr. Takeshi Iizuka specified the following two activities as the business objectives of TKC to be stipulated in its Articles of Incorporation:

  1. Management of EDP centers for the purpose of defending the professional domain and maintaining control over the fate of accounting firms
  2. Management of EDP centers for the purpose of improving the administrative efficiency of local governments

As TKC grew bigger with the expansion of its businesses, several other business objectives were added. Yet, the first two objectives still remain at the top of the items in Article 2 (Business Objectives) of its Articles of Incorporation, highlighting the initial principles of TKC’s management.
Dr. Iizuka opened an accounting firm in 1946. In 1962, he attended the 8th World Congress of Accountants in the U.S. and was impressed by how the business of accounting firms was being revolutionized by the use of computers. This experience convinced him to set up a data processing center dedicated to accounting firms. However, the plan hit a stumbling block, the “Iizuka Case,” and could not be carried out immediately. The Iizuka Case was a criminal lawsuit brought against four employees of the Iizuka Tax Consulting Firm by a tax authority. On November 11, 1970, the court found none of the defendants guilty. Prior to that in October 1966, Dr. Iizuka had decided to set up a data processing center without waiting for the conclusion of the case.
In preparation for its establishment, he first set out a management principle in the Articles of Incorporation.
“Defending the professional domain and maintaining control over the fate of accounting firms” was that principle. It did not give any hint of the Iizuka Case that was at its height at the time. Indeed, he established a management vision with a broad and ambitious mind and a strong sense of mission.
The start of TKC’s business with local governments was sparked by a single phone call from the government of Kuroiso Town (currently Nasushiobara City), Tochigi Prefecture, in 1966 when TKC was still in its infancy. The government of Kuroiso Town had read a newspaper article about the establishment of Tochigi-ken Keisan Center K.K. and proposed that TKC should consider engaging in the business of providing services to local governments.
At that time, operations at local governments in Tochigi Prefecture had barely been computerized. That proposal sparked TKC’s entry into the local governments market and established the objective of “improving the administrative efficiency of local governments” in Article 2, paragraph 2, of its Articles of Incorporation.
(Excerpt from Furusato Nihon 35 (Japan, Our Home Country 35), a booklet published by TKC in commemoration of its 35th anniversary)

The delegates from Japan departing for the
8th World Congress of Accountants
(Dr. Takeshi Iizuka is the third person from the left)

The office building at the time of incorporation
(Utsunomiya City, Tochigi Prefecture)

The FACOM230-20 system in the computer room
in the early days of TKC right after its incorporation

The book Futo Fukutsu (Tenacity), written by Ryo Takasugi,
recounting the latter half of Dr. Iizuka’s life

The Iizuka Takeshi Memorial Museum, where the
accomplishments of Dr. Iizuka are archived

Since then, TKC has consistently developed specialized information services dedicated to its two main businesses of accounting firms and local governments and has established its unique position in the information industry of Japan.
Accounting firms and local governments are both fields that are built on the foundation of legal expertise and extensive experience. Therefore, the systems that TKC provides must have specialized capabilities and fully comply with applicable laws and ordinances. The systems are also required to adapt quickly to legislative amendments and possess high standards of social responsibility. In other words, TKC’s role in society is to provide support through information and communications technology (ICT) to certified public tax accountants, certified public accountants, and local government officials with high standards of social responsibility in carrying out their duties, while maintaining extensive knowledge about tax laws, commercial laws, civil laws, administrative laws, and other relevant laws, thereby contributing broadly to the development of the Japanese economy and local communities.
TKC is committed to continuously deepening its expertise, enhancing its services and improving quality, and pursuing innovation in order to fulfill such a role in society.

Today, TKC offers the following information services:

  1. TKC Consolidated Information Centers (eight locations nationwide) computer services
    • Batch processing service with volume output (printing)
    • Data storage service
    • Download service
  2. TKC Internet Service Center (TISC) computer services
    • Internet service
    • Intranet service
    • Cloud computing service
    • Database service
    • Data storage service
    • Data backup service
    • Data security service
  3. Development and provision of software installed on PCs or client servers
  4. Sale of system equipment for use with TKC’s information services
  5. System consulting services provided by specialized staff
  6. General education and training services for users


  • Certified public accountant & certified public tax accountant Takeshi Iizuka established the Tochigi Keisan Center K.K. in Utsunomiya City, Tochigi Prefecture (Oct. 22)
  • Order received from Kuroiso Town (currently Nasushiobara City), Tochigi Prefecture for data processing of fixed asset taxes (Apr. 1)
  • Basic concept for the TKC Total System completed (Dec. 15)
  • FACOM230-20 launching ceremony (Aug. 2)
  • TKC Financial System processing started (Aug. 3)
  • The TKC Total System completed and registered copyright (Apr. 24)
  • Rationalization of Tax Consulting Firms by Use of Computers (author Takeshi Iizuka) published (Jun. 20)
  • Began storing permanent data files (Feb. 5)
  • The Iizuka Case closed (Nov. 11)
  • The TKC National Federation established (Aug. 17)
  • Partnered with DATEV Germany (Jan. 20)
  • The first System Development Committee of the TKC National Foundation held (Apr. 7)
  • Changed corporate name to Kabushiki Kaisha TKC (Nov. 6)
  • Partnered with Daido Life Insurance Company (Jul. 1)
  • The first TKC National Federation Convention held (Jul. 16)
  • TKC Management Indicators (BAST) issued (Jul. 8)
  • Partnered with The Mitsubishi Bank, Ltd. (Jan. 12)
  • Partnered with The Tokyo Marine and Fire Insurance, The Dowa Fire and Marine Insurance Co., Ltd., and Koa Fire and Marine Insurance Co., Ltd. (Nov. 1)
  • The TKC Finance Guarantee Co., Ltd. established (Nov. 2)
  • The TASK80 Residents Information System completed (Jul. 21)
  • The V-80 System completed (Oct. 16)
  • Launched the V-80 Program online service (Jan. 6)
  • Launched the Japanese Financial Statements System (Mar.1)
  • Launched the Corporate Income Tax Return Preparation System (TPS1000) (Oct. 1)
  • Began issuing the Certificate of Financial Data Processing Records (Jan. 16)
  • The Generic Payroll System (TOPS85) completed (Jul. 11)
  • Masaharu Iizuka appointed President, President Takeshi Iizuka assumed Chairmanship (Dec. 22)
  • The first TKC National Federation Executive Meeting held (Jul. 25)
  • Opening of the TKC Tax Research Center (Oct. 1)
  • Launched the Online Legal Information Database (LEX/DB) (Apr. 1)
  • Opened the TKC OA Technology Development Center (Aug. 28)
  • Launched the TASK88 Series, serially launched TASSCAL Series (corporate accounting, health management, welfare, bond issuance management, human resources management and human affairs payroll) (Apr. 1)
  • Changed corporate name in the Articles of Incorporation to the TKC Corporation (Dec. 19)
  • Listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange (Jul. 21)
  • Opened the TASK Technology Development Center (Sep. 28)
  • Began business processing for the Federation of National Health Insurance Associations (Apr. 1)
  • Strategic Financial Information System (J/FX1) completed (May 6)
  • Annual revenue surpassed 20 billion yen (Sep. 30)
  • Major revision of systems to adapt to the introduction of consumption tax (Apr. 1)
  • Launched the Inheritance Tax Return Preparation System (TPS8000) (Mar. 25)
  • The Alien Registration System (TASK-AS1) and Agricultural Government System (TASK-AG1) completed (Mar.)
  • Opened the TKC Precedent Retrieval Service Center (Jan. 16)
  • Launched the TASK/DB Server (Feb. 1)
  • Launched the Strategic Personnel & Payroll System (PX2) (Apr. 12)
  • Launched the online Legal Information Database (LEX/DB) (Jun. 14)
  • Launched the TKC National Federation Intranet (ProFIT) (Oct. 23)
  • The TASK Census Registration Master completed (Nov. 1)
  • Established the Iizuka Takeshi Scholarship Foundation (Dec. 1)
  • Launched the C/S version of TASK Master (Feb. 12)
  • Listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange (Mar.1)
  • First issue of "Kaze (Fresh Air)" published (Oct. 1)
  • Launched the Tax Accountants Office Management System (OMS) (Oct. 1)
  • Launched the Accounting Information System for Publicly Traded Companies (FX4NT) (May)
  • Launched the LEX/DB Internet service (Dec. 1)
  • The TKC National Federation "Key Factors for Success (K.F.S.) Operation" launched (Jan. 1)
  • Launched the Consolidated Accounting System (CA-DRIVER) (Jan. 1)
  • Number of orders for Total System (Basic Resident Register System, taxation, finance) exceeded 200 municipalities (Sep. 30)
  • Writer Ryo Takasugi started a serial of Chairman Takeshi Iizuka's biography titled Futo Fukutsu (Tenacity) in the economic magazine President (starting Jan. 29 issue)
  • Announced the development of the TKC Law School Educational and Research Support System (Sep. 27)
  • Launched the Government Information Security Management Service (Nov. 6)
  • The TKC National Federation "2nd Key Factors for Success Operation 21" launched (Jan. 17)
  • Launched the TKC Consolidated Tax Return System Promotion Project (Mar. 29)
  • Launched the TKC Consolidated Tax Return System (eConsoliTax) (Jun. 20)
  • Passed the LGWAN-ASP service connection/registration qualification test (Oct. 20, Nov. 28)
  • Opened the TKC Internet Service Center (Oct. 22)
  • Launched Tax Effect Accounting System (eTaxEffect) (Dec.)
  • Launched the TKC Electronic Tax Filing System (e-TAX Series) (Feb. 7)
  • Launched the LGWAN-ASP Service (Apr. 1)
  • Launched the Law School Educational and Research Support System (Apr. 1)
  • Launched the Website Monthly Update Service for Tax Consulting Firms (Oct. 15)
  • Launched Japan's first ASP consolidated accounting system, the TKC Consolidated Accounting System (eCA-DRIVER) (Apr. 30)
  • President Masaharu Iizuka and Vice President Kazuaki Iizuka donated their privately-owned shares of TKC without charge to approximately 6,000 TKC members (Mar. 9 & 26)
  • Completed compliance with the municipal merger boom in Heisei (Mar. 31)
  • Full compliance with the new Companies Act completed (Jun. 12)
  • Nationwide release of the movie, Futo Fukutsu (Tenacity) (Jun. 17)
  • Launched the TKC Electronic Tax Filing System for Corporations (ASP1000R) (Jan. 31)
  • Registered the LGWAN-ASP service of the TKC Government ASP - Local Tax Electronic Filing Support Service (Nov. 13)
  • Concluded Alliance Agreements on the sale of the TKC Government ASP - Local Tax Electronic Filing Support Service with vendors throughout Japan (Oct. 16)
  • Junzo Takada appointed President, President Masaharu Iizuka assumed Chairmanship (Dec. 19)
  • Launched the TASK.NET Public Accounting System (Apr.)
  • Number of TKC members exceeded 10,000 (Jun. 23)
  • Number of reports processed by the Corporate Financial Reporting System (TPS1000) annually exceeded 500,000 (Jun. 30)
  • Began issuance of the Certificate of Bookkeeping Timeliness (Sep. 1)
  • Registered as eLTAX Vendor (Nov. 18)
  • Began providing services as eLTAX Vendor (May 6)
  • Launched the cloud version of eCA-DRIVER (Jun. 1)
  • Launched the TKC Law Library (IP Connection Service, Overseas Edition) (Jun. 1)
  • The TKC National Federation Medium- and Large-sized Companies Support Council established (Oct. 1)
  • Launched the TKC Government ASP - Convenience Store Certificate Issuing System (Mar. 24)
  • Launched the Integrated Accounting Information System (FX4 Cloud) (Jun. 20)
  • Upgraded the private power generator system and call center system in Tochigi Headquarters (Sep.)
  • Kazuyuki Sumi appointed President, President Junzo Takada appointed Vice Chairman (Dec. 22)
  • Launched the TASK Cloud Service for municipalities (Mar.19)
  • Launched the FX4 Cloud (for the accounting of social welfare corporations) (Apr. 1)
  • Launched e21-Meister (Apr. 2)
  • Launched the Integrated Accounting Information System FX5 Cloud (Jul. 31)
  • Launched the FX4 Cloud (for the accounting of public interest corporations) (Sep. 28)
  • Launched the OMS Cloud (Oct. 15)
  • Launched the TASK Cloud Taxation Document Image Management Service (Jan. 1)
  • Launched TKC financial systems in compliance with the General Accounting Standard for SMEs (Apr. 1)
  • TASK Cloud Service adopted by Saitama Municipal Information System Standardization Promotion Council (Apr.)
  • Launched the Electronic Tax Return Service (Aug. 26)
  • The Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ started handling its financing product Kiwame in collaboration with the TKC National Federation (Oct. 1)
  • TASK Cloud Service selected to be adopted for the Ibaraki municipal cloud-based mission-critical operation system provision projects (Oct.)
  • Launched the TKC electronic tax filing systems: e-TAX Statutory Records of Payment and e-TAX Depreciable Assets (Nov. 1)
  • Launched the Overseas Business Monitor (Dec. 27)
  • Established the Overseas Development Support Room (Jan. 1)
  • Launched the 7000 Project for the Support for Establishing Management Improvement Plans (Apr. 18)
  • Announced the New Generation TASK Cloud (compatible with MY Number system) (Jul.)
  • Launched e-TAX Consumption Tax (Jul. 15)
  • Launched the Institutional Accounting Tab Method service using self-accounting system FX2, etc. (Oct. 1)
  • Pilot operation of the New Generation TASK Cloud (compatible with MY Number system) began (Oct. 15)
  • The TASK Cloud Payroll System adopted by Okayama Cyuou Sougou Jyouhoukousya to be used by 12 municipalities (Nov. 5)
  • The TKC Cloud Certificate Issuing Service at Convenience Stores adopted by Kobe City (Mar. 27)
  • Launched the New Generation TASK Cloud (compatible with My Number system) (Apr. 2)
  • Partnered with Moneytree K.K. (Apr. 3)
  • The TKC Cloud Certificate Issuing Service at Convenience Stores adopted by Himeji City (Jun. 1)
  • Launched the Financial System for Medical Institutions (MX3 Cloud) and the Financial System for Construction Businesses (DAIC3 Cloud) (Jun. 22)
  • Supported the My Number System Practical Operation Seminars hosted by TKC member firms (Jul. 13 - Nov. 30)
  • Launched the Interpretations on Supreme Court Precedents Web Edition in collaboration with Hosokai (Aug. 1)
  • Launched the NBL Web and References to Commercial-related Judicial Affairs Web Edition by enhancing interactions with Shojihomu (Aug. 1)
  • Jiri-Rita Management (author Masaharu Iizuka) published (Sep. 30)
  • First to obtain ISO/IEC 27018 third-party certification in Japan (Oct. 22)
  • The TKC National Federation Overseas Business Support Council established (Nov. 2)
  • Launched PX My Portal service (Nov. 16)
  • Launched various systems compatible with My Number System (Jan. 4)
  • Launched the Consolidated Tax Return System (eConsoliTax) and the e-TAX Consolidated Tax Return compatible with corporation numbers (Feb. 1)
  • Started issuing Wage Indicators for SMEs (Wage BAST) on the Web (Apr. 1)
  • Launched the double entry bookkeeping, daily journalizing TASK Cloud Public Accounting System compatible with the new public accounting standards at Kashiba City, Nara Prefecture and Mashiko Town, Tochigi Prefecture (Apr. 1)
  • The System Engineering Center (SEC) Building completed (Apr. 5)
  • Established the Assistant Field Auditor, a qualification registered with the All Japan Federation of Management Organizations (Apr.)
  • Established the Management KPI Appraisal System for employees above the level of section chief (Jun. 1)
  • Launched Data Receiving Functionality from Banks and Credit Card Companies (Jun. 1)
  • Held orientation sessions on the TKC FinTech service for financial institutions (Jun. 7-28, 13 sessions nationwide)
  • Launched the TKC stress check system (Jun. 10)
  • Launched the TKC Documented Evidence Storage Service (TDS) (Jun. 30)
  • The TKC 50th Anniversary ceremony and reception held (Jul. 14, The Imperial Hotel)
  • Launched the TKC Supplies Web Shop for clients (Sep. 20)
  • Launched the TKC Monitoring Information Services (Oct. 1)
  • TKC Documented Evidence Storage Service became the first to obtain the certification for scanner storage software requirements specified in the Electronic Books Maintenance Act (Oct. 20)
  • The TKC 50th Anniversary Thanksgiving event held (Oct. 21, Utsunomiya Grand Hotel)
  • Obtained accreditation as a Time Stamping Authority (TSA) service provider (Nov. 10)
  • Began issuing the TKC Time Stamp (Nov. 21)
  • Masaharu Iizuka appointed Chairman Emeritus (Dec. 22)
  • Takashi Sakamoto appointed Chairman of the TKC National Federation (Jan. 1)
  • Launched the TKC management training system (Jan. 14)
  • Standardized the mission-critical operation systems used by all users (local municipalities) to the New Generation TASK Cloud (Jan.)
  • Certified as the first company to use the My Number Cards in the company (Mar. 10)
  • Construction of the TKC Customer Support Service Building begun (Mar. 13)
  • Received a certificate of gratitude from Keizo Fujiwara, Chief Project Manager of the Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise Revitalization Support National Headquarters for activities under the 7000 Project with the TKC National Federation (Mar. 16)
  • Participated in CeBIT2017 held in Hannover, Germany (Mar. 20-24)
  • Established the AI Research Center under the direct control of the President (Apr. 1)
  • Implemented Premium Friday (Apr. 7)
  • Added a low-priced series to the TASK Cloud Convenience Store Certificate Issuing System (Apr.)
  • The Public Accounting System compatible with the daily journalizing system (real-time journalizing) adopted by 94 municipalities (Apr. 1)
  • Launched the TKC System My Support to provide direct telephone support to clients (Jun. 1)
  • Established the Information Security Strategy Office to strengthen TKC's information security (Jun. 1)
  • Obtained ISO/IEC27017, the international standard for security in cloud services (Jun. 19)
  • Launched the TASK Cloud One-stop Child-rearing Support Service (Jul. 1)
  • Opened the Kanagawa Prefecture Municipalities Support Center (Jul. 3)
  • Chairman Emeritus Masaharu Iizuka announced the transfer of shares without charge to TKC members (Jul. 13)
  • Number of FX4 Cloud users exceeded 10,000 (Aug.)
  • Launched the API Interaction Service in collaboration with Joyo Bank (Aug. 7)
  • FX4 Cloud awarded the most installed cloud-based accounting software for medium-sized companies with annual turnover of 500 million to 10 billion yen in FY2016, by the monthly magazine BT in its September 2017 issue published by the Fuji Chimera Research Institute, Inc. (Sep. 26)
  • Launched the TASK Cloud Easy-to-use Reception System (Oct. 1)
  • Concluded a definite agreement on municipality cloud systems with 14 municipalities of Kanagawa Prefecture (Oct. 1)
  • Established the TKC Customer Support Service Co., Ltd., to specialize in customer support (Oct. 5)
  • Launched the TKC Group Management Support Project (E Project) (Nov. 1)
  • Number of TKC Monitoring Information Service users exceeded 10,000 (Nov. 1)
  • The FX Series achieved API interactions with AirREGI (tablet POS register) (Nov. 1)
  • Concluded a definite agreement with Daigo Town, Ibaraki Prefecture on the development of the Ibaraki municipal cloud-based mission-critical operation system (Nov. 6)
  • Collective application of My Number Cards at Tochigi Headquarters (Nov. 20-22 & 30)
  • Number of financial institutions using the TKC Monitoring Information Service exceeded 300 (Dec. 27)
  • Amended the Participation Agreement of TKC member firms aiming to improve the quality of services through the use of OMS (Jan. 1)
  • Began transfer of shares owned by Masaharu Iizuka, Chairman Emeritus (March-)
  • Launched a project to support responding to special measures under the business succession taxation scheme (Apr. 1)
  • Established the Revised Law and System Management & Promotion Office and Digital Government Management & Promotion Office (Apr. 1)
  • Opened Tokoshie Day Care Center, the first in-house corporate day care services (Apr. 2)
  • TKC Corporation and Masaharu Iizuka, Chairman Emeritus, awarded the Medal with Dark Blue Ribbon (May 30)
  • Local Governments Business Division established the Chiba Business Section (Jun. 1)
  • Centennial of the birth of founder Dr. Takeshi Iizuka (Jul. 8)
  • Joined Keidanren (Japan Business Federation) (Jul. 25)
  • Former Representative Director and President Junzo Takada deceased (Aug. 2)
  • Completed the change-over of systems of Kanagawa Prefecture Collective Business Partnership for Information Systems in Municipalities (13 municipalities) (Sep. 25)
  • Started offering FX Agricultural Accounting and FX Agricultural Accounting for Sole Proprietors (Oct. 4)
  • The 151st TKCNF System Development Committee meeting held in Silicon Valley (Nov. 6)
  • Acquired patent for the internal audit support functions of the Overseas Business Monitor (OBM) (Jan. 11)
  • Became the first company to acquire the certification under the Electronic Books Software Legal Compliance Certification System by JIIMA (Mar. 29)
  • Concluded a business matching agreement with Joyo Bank to provide the Overseas Business Monitor (OBM) (Apr. 2)
  • Received order for Next Generation Online Application System from Osaka City (August)
  • Acquired 100% ownership of TKC Shuppan Corporation through simplified share exchange (Aug. 9)
  • Archive of judicial precedents in the LEX/DB Internet legal information database became first in the industry to exceed 300,000 (Aug. 21)
  • Established a Nomination & Compensation Advisory Committee to further enhance the corporate governance system (Sep. 17)
  • Signed the national festival partnership agreement for the 77th National Sports Festival in Tochigi “Ichigo-ichie” (Sep. 30)
  • Expanded the organization of the SCG Sales Headquarters from 4 areas to 7 areas (Oct. 1)
  • Launched the Certificate Issuing Service at Convenience Stores in 9 towns in Kanagawa Prefecture ahead of other municipalities (Oct. 1)
  • Received record-breaking orders from 51 municipalities for public accounting systems based on shared use of cloud (Oct. 10)
  • Participated in the demonstration experiment on Smart Counter Services by Nara City (Nov. 1)
  • TCSS received the Excellent Environment Award for office environment at the Contact Center Award 2019 (Nov. 13)
  • Senior Managing Executive Officer Masanori Iizuka appointed the fifth Representative Director, President and Executive Officer of TKC. President Kazuyuki Sumi appointed Director and Chairman of the Board (Dec. 20)
  • Launched a web-based service to provide information on SME Support Programs in relation to the novel coronavirus (Mar. 10)
  • Incorporated a check function to the OMS Cloud for clients requiring emergency support (Apr. 15)
  • Made donations to administrative and academic institutions as CSR activities in the coronavirus-related confusion, aiming to prevent the collapse of the medical system and support students in need (Apr.)
  • Goka Town, Ibaraki Prefecture began the use of TASK Cloud My Number Card Issuance Reservation & Management System (May 21)
  • Acquired a patent for the Operation Checklist function incorporated in the eCA-DRIVER consolidated accounting system (Jun. 11)
  • Hired high school graduates in Tochigi Prefecture as system developers (Jul. 1)
  • Osaka City began the use of TASK Cloud Smart Application System (Aug. 7)
  • Began the offering of FX Cloud Series (FX2 Cloud, FX Meister Cloud) (Sep. 25)
  • Newly established the Sales Assistance Department, Next Generation Systems Planning Promotion Office, and Users Interface Design Department within the local Governments Business Division (Oct. 1)
  • Early applied the Accounting Standard for Revenue Recognition (Oct. 1)
  • Held the 10th Anniversary Lecture of the TKCNF Medium- and Large-sized Companies Support Council (Oct. 28)
  • Number of cases where companies used the TKC Monitoring Information Services exceeded 245,000 (Dec. 18)
  • Number of companies using the Overseas Business Monitor (OBM), mainly in Asia, Europe, and the U.S., exceeded 1,000 (Dec. 18)
  • Signed a comprehensive partnership agreement with Sakushin Gakuin University to provide educational opportunities for high school graduates to acquire university degrees (Feb. 22)
  • Conducted a stock split of common shares at a ratio of 1:2 (Mar. 10)
  • Supported customer local municipalities in their COVID-19 vaccination projects through the provision of the COVID-19 vaccination reservation & registration system, etc. (Mar. 19)
  • Commenced offering TKC Monthly Indicators (Monthly BAST) free of charge (May 6)
  • The number of companies using TKC systems to file corporate income tax returns (annual) exceeded 600,000 (May 31)
  • TISC acquired ISO/IEC 20000 certification for IT service management systems (Jun. 7)
  • The TKC National Federation held its 50th anniversary ceremony(Jul.8)
  • Donated 500 million yen to local governments in Tochigi Prefecture and nationwide to combat the spread of COVID-19 (Aug. 2)
  • Chairman Emeritus Masaharu Iizuka and President Masanori Iizuka received the Medal with Dark Blue Ribbon (Aug. 5)
  • Carried out workplace COVID-19 vaccinations in Tochigi and Okinawa (Sep. 8)
  • Participated in the Digital Agency of Japan’s Government Cloud Predecessor Project, as a business partner to Misato Town and Kawajima Town, Saitama Pref. (Nov.)
  • The number of cases where companies used the TKC Monitoring Information Services exceeded 290,000 (Dec. 23)
  • Launched Invoice Manager for medium and large-sized companies (Jan. 4)
  • 50th anniversary of partnership with DATEV Germany (Jan. 20)
  • Listed on the Prime Market, a new market division of the Tokyo Stock Exchange (Apr. 4)
  • Became the first company in Japan to be certified as a Peppol service provider by the Digital Agency (Aug. 19)
  • Launched the Group Tax Sharing System (e-TAX Group Sharing) (Aug. 19)
  • Number of municipalities in Japan that adopted the TASK Cloud Public Accounting System exceeded 300 (Oct. 25)
  • Misato Town in Saitama Prefecture became the first municipality in Japan to launch its mission-critical operational system under the Digital Agency’s Gov-Cloud Preliminary Project (Oct. 31)
  • Processing operations at the Okinawa Consolidated Information Center transferred to the Kyushu Consolidated Information Center (Dec. 23)
  • Launched the Local Taxes Payment Website (Apr. 1)
  • Invoice Manager showcased at the Digital and Tech Exhibition at the G7 Digital and Tech Ministers’ Meeting in Takasaki, Gunma (Apr. 28)
  • Launched the FX Cloud Series, which is fully compliant with the invoicing system (Jun. 2)
  • Began in-house use of the AI chat service TKC AI Assistant (Jul. 20)
  • TKC Consolidated Group Solution certified under the Information Disclosure Certification System for the Safety and Reliability of ASP/SaaS (Sep. 25)
  • Number of municipalities that adopted the Easy Counter Service System exceeded 100 (Oct. 1)
  • TCSS awarded the highest “three star” rating in the HDI-Japan quality rating for the third consecutive year (Oct. 18)
  • Approximately 3,100 e-invoices sent via Peppol to customers following the launch of the consumption tax invoicing system (Nov. 8)
  • Instances of use of the TKC Monitoring Information Services by companies exceeded 330,000 (Nov. 30)