Approaches to Social Contributions

Approaches to Academics and Education

The Iizuka Takeshi Scholarship Foundation

Scholarship Foundation

The Iizuka Takeshi Scholarship Foundation offers financial support to individuals who have excellent academic records, show exemplary conduct, are in good health and have high aspirations but are in need of financial assistance. High school students, university undergraduate and graduate students who have graduated from high schools for special needs, and international students enrolled in university in Tochigi Prefecture are eligible for scholarships. All aids are offered as grant-type scholarships without repayment obligations.
The Foundation was established in December 1995 with the objective of nurturing deserving human resources that can contribute to society in the future. This objective is based on the conviction of TKC’s founder, Dr. Takeshi Iizuka that “the ultimate business is to nurture human resources,” which he came to possess through his own experience. It was certified as public interest incorporated foundation in June 2009.
The total number of scholars who have received financial aid from the foundation to date has reached 2,495 students; the total value of scholarships granted by the end of FY2021 is expected to exceed 3.4 billion yen.

Sozeishiryokan (Institute of Tax Research and Literature)


The Sozeishiryokan was established in May 1991 with the aim to contribute to the improvement and development of the Japanese tax system. The Institute collects and archives tax-related literature and materials, and by making them available to the general public, contribute to raising awareness of taxpaying philosophy and encouraging further research and studies on taxation.
It also supports academic studies relevant to tax jurisprudence and tax laws, and grants the Sozeishiryokan Award each year to outstanding literary works and papers on taxation.
In addition, the Institute offers grants for researchers engaged in studies on taxation laws and tax administrations by aiding the costs to publish their research results, and grants for competent researchers to study abroad in universities and research institutions outside Japan.

Approaches to Community Contribution

Hockey Club Tochigi Nikko Ice Bucks

Ice Bucks

H.C. Tochigi Nikko Ice Bucks is a professional ice hockey team based in Nikko City, Tochigi Prefecture. When the ice hockey team of Furukawa Electric was abolished and closed its history since the founding in 1925, Ice Bucks was relaunched as a club for local citizens in August 1999. Since then, the Club competes in the top leagues such as the Japan league and Asia league. Ice Bucks won the 87th All Japan Ice Hockey Championship held in December 2019, the second victory in 5 years.
TKC supports the philosophy of creating a locally affiliated team, and has been sponsoring them since the 1999-2000 season.

Tochigi Soccer Club (Tochigi SC)

Tochigi SC

Tochigi Soccer Club (Tochigi SC) is a J.League professional soccer team having its hometown in Utsunomiya City, Tochigi Prefecture. Its predecessor was the Tochigi Teachers’ Soccer Club founded in 1953, and was approved as a J.League member club in 2007 and started participating in the J.League in 2009.
In an aim to contribute to the sound nurturing of human resources bearing the next generation through the promotion of sports, TKC has been supporting the team as uniform sponsor since 2007.

Tochigi ICT Innovation Challenge:Kids Programming School

Tochigi ICT Innovation Challenge

Tochigi ICT Innovation Challenge: Kids Programing School (hosted by Shimotsuke Shimbun) is a programing class held for elementary school students in Tochigi Prefecture. Through collaboration with the TKC Tochigi Programming Awards: National Elementary School Programming Competition: Tochigi Prefecture Competition, the school enables students to learn programing based on higher goals. TKC supports this initiative as a special sponsor to promote ICT education and back efforts to develop future human resources in Tochigi Prefecture.