About the TKC National Federation

Business Doctors for SMEs A Group of Over 10,000 Certified Public Tax Accountants The TKC National Federation

With the enforcement of the Act for Support in Strengthening Management Functions for SMEs, there are increasing expectations from society for certified public tax accountants as leading role-players in extending managerial support to SMEs. The TKC National Federation works actively in close collaboration with the 20 TKC Local Associations nationwide to meet such expectations.

The TKC National Federation is one of the largest groups of professional accountants in Japan, consisting of 11,000 certified public tax accountants and certified public accountants. It was founded on August 17, 1971 by the first Chairman Takeshi Iizuka under the basic principle of "Jiri Rita ("self-interest is in the realization of others' interest")", which is also the company motto of the TKC Corporation.
Currently, the TKC National Federation is aggressively pursuing the following six business objectives (Article 3 of its Bylaws):

  1. Realize Tax Justice
  2. Conduct complete tax consultant business on compliance
  3. Support SMEs for their continuity and development
  4. Enhance managerial infrastructure of member offices
  5. Make full use of TKC systems
  6. Contribute to mutual enlightenment, help and friendship

In the aim to achieve these business objectives, the TKC National Federation is organized with 11 committees (including the special committee), the Training and Education Committee and six research councils.
The TKC National Federation works in close partnership and cooperation with the 20 TKC Local Associations nationwide that share the National Foundation's goals and engages in various activities such as "providing support for the drafting of management improvement plans" and disseminating the "General Accounting Standard for SMEs" and promoting "attachment of documents" under the common slogan of "strengthening the company through accounting."

TKC National Federation