Business Objectives of the TKC National Federation

The activities of TKC National Federation of Tax Consultants aim to realize the following 6 business objectives.

Founder of TKCNF
The first Chairman
Dr. Takeshi Iizuka

  1. Realize tax justice
  2. Conduct complete tax consultant business on compliance
  3. Support SMEs for their continuity and development
  4. Enhance managerial infrastructure of member offices
  5. Make full use of TKC systems
  6. Contribute to mutual enlightenment, help, and friendship

The TKC National Meeting of Executives in 2017

Living the principle of "Self-interest is in the realization of others' interest."
The first Chairman Takeshi Iizuka gave his remarks about "Self-interest is in the realization of others' interest.", the basic principle of TKCNF.

The expression "Jiri-Rita" appears quite frequently in the teaching of Mahayana Buddhism, and also there are various views on its interpretation. Among them, I believe that it is most correct to understand it as "Self-interest is in the realization of others' interest."

Essence of the Buddhist philosophy is the "logic of sosoku" (coming together and dissolving into oneness). Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra preaches "form is emptiness", but it does not mean that "form" perishes to reach "emptiness", but describes the truth that "form itself is emptiness".

Similarly, "Jiri-Rita" means to perceive "self-interest" in the midst of "others' interest", which, in short, means "self-interest is others' interest". It's not a parallel relationship of "self-interest and others' interest" as according to some other views.

With this interpretation, you see that the "self" of "others' interest" does not simply mean self as a notion. It is the subject of oneself, which is the central character.

Also, the "others" in "others' interest" does not simply mean other people. It means all the objects including not only one's own body, but even "mind" among the "eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body and mind".

Applying oneself to devotion and hard work for the sake of the world, people and the society; this is in itself self-interest, or the true joy and happiness of oneself.

If one can reach such a mindset and become a real person to contribute to society and the public, he should genuinely find his life worth living.
(Source: "TKC Bulletin", January 1998)