TKC Corporation

Company Profile

Representative Director
and President
Masanori Iizuka

October 22, 1966
Takeshi Iizuka
(Doctor of Law, Certified Public Tax Accountant, Certified Public Accountant)
Head office
1758 Tsurutamachi, Utsunomiya-shi, Tochigi
5,700 million yen
(listed in the Prime section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, securities code: 9746)
Annual sales
67.6 billion yen (unconsolidated, for the fiscal year ended September 30, 2023),
71.9 billion yen (consolidated, the same fiscal year)
Number of employees
2,409 (as of September 30, 2023)
Company motto
"Jiri Rita" ("self-interest in the realization of others' interest")
Business objectives
  1. Management of the EDP center for the purpose of defending the business area of public accountants
  2. Management of the EDP center for the purpose of improving the administrative efficiency of local governments
  3. Development, maintenance, and sales of legal information database services
  4. Development, maintenance, and sales of computer software
  5. Internet service provider business
  6. Cloud computing service provider business
  7. Development, maintenance, and sales of office equipment and supplies
  8. Collections administration on behalf of accounting firms and their client companies
  9. Money loaning and mediation of money loaning for accounting firms as well as their client companies
  10. Consulting services on business continuity, etc. for accounting firms and their clients
  11. Liability insurance agency
  12. Banking agency
  13. Any business incidental to the foregoing

TKC Systems Laboratory

TKC Systems Laboratory is the site where innovations take place, with approximately 450 engineers hard at work. The laboratory takes on challenges of developing new systems that help achieve "the complete performance of the services by certified public tax accountants" and "the support for the survival and development of SMEs", based on decisions by the System Development Committee of TKCNF. It is an absolute requirement that systems are developed in full compliance with laws and regulations. The challenge also includes realizing continuous profits in the clients' financial statements through ensuring that their managers have thorough performance management, backed by accurate accounting information. Furthermore, the Center aims to provide them with valuable support for the establishment and implementation of feasible management plans, as well as to leverage the latest technologies of ICT.

TKC Internet Service Center

TKC Internet Service Center (TISC) is the site from which our "safe, secure, and convenient" cloud services are provided, combining various application software and outsourcing services, as well as online real time processing services for the data transmitted from such places as tax consulting firms. Its most important feature is that, in addition to its attractive capabilities such as its solid buildings, strong enough to protect from disasters and the highest degree of information security measures, it is fully prepared against any unexpected events by such measures as there being TKC employees monitoring the operation status of the service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

TKC Local Data Processing Centers

TKC Local Data Processing Centers is dedicated to information processing functions that "receive, in a form for printing, the data received by TISC from tax consulting firms which has been processed on a real-time basis, print them in a business form, and deliver the forms by the morning of the following day." The center has ultra-high speed printers with an aggregated printing capacity of about 700 thousand lines per minute with nine printing centers. It has also a mechanism where, if one of its centers is prevented from processing data due to a disaster, accident, or power failure, other consolidated centers can act as alternates in collaboration with TISC.

TKC SCG Service Center

TKC SCG Service Center has sites all across Japan, from Hokkaido to Okinawa. These provide support to all TKC member firms and their clients. It has offices in 56 cities and accommodates the "SCG (System Consulting Group)" with about 500 employees in total. SCGs aims to "strengthen relationships with clients" and increase expertise", and conducts regular visits to tax consulting firms. It identifies issues and needs through interviews with the chief representative and employees of each firm, and makes concrete and clear recommendations as to how TKC systems can help to resolve them.

FX4 Cloud Promotion Department

FX4 Cloud Promotion Division deploys its staff at every SCG Service Center in major cities across Japan, and offers our cloud-based financial accounting system FX4 Cloud to medium-sized companies with annual turnover from 500 million yen to 5 billion yen, working closely with SCG. It aims to enhance the position of TKC members with their clients so that the member firms will be retained, through supporting the clients to utilize the FX4 Cloud with enhanced compatibility with their accounting works and the field auditing conducted by the firms, as well as to help TKC members to find new clients with good standing.

Enterprise Information System Promotion Department

Enterprise Information System Promotion Department is responsible for the sales of the TKC Consolidated Group Solution which covers all of the business operations of accounting and taxation for groups of medium- and large-sized companies with the main focus on public companies, and for the provision of consulting services. It aims to improve the social status of professional accountants and support them to expand the business with good-standing clients, through adding public companies and their subsidiaries to the existing clients of TKC members. Toward this goal, it conducts various activities such as holding seminars in collaboration with the TKCNF Research Committee for Supporting Medium- and Large-sized Companies.

TKC Tax Research Center

TKC Tax Research Center, consists mainly of experts in national and local taxes, collects the latest information about tax laws and disseminates it to TKC member firms.
Such disseminated information has wide coverage, ranging from"latest trends in tax reforms" to "interpretation of specific language stipulated in individual government notifications." The center engages in such activities as issuing the "Tax Research Center Flash Report (zeiken sokuhou)", with priorities given to quickness in reporting, responding to questions raised by TKC members via "Tax Research Center Mail Box", posting of various questions and answers on an electronic bulletin board "Tax Q&A", building the largest legal information database in Japan "LEX/DB", and the periodic release of research results on court rulings on taxation and case studies on court decisions.

TKC Legal Database Sales Business Division

The TKC Legal Database Sales Business Division offers the LEX/DB Internet, a legal information database that maintains an archive of judicial precedents, etc. covering all legal fields from precedents set in the former Supreme Court dating back to 1875 and up to those most recently published. It is widely used by approximately 16,800 customers including TKC member firms, universities, law schools, government agencies, law offices, patent offices, and company legal divisions. One of the objectives of the business unit is to work with the TKC Tax Research Center to provide legal advice and guidance to the clients of TKC member firms in their consultations for taxation matters, in a more comprehensive and efficient manner.

Local Governments Business Division

The Local Governments Business Division strives to equip local municipalities with the latest ICT, in line with our second business objective, "management of data processing service bureaus for consultants to improve the administrative efficiency of local governments." Today, the environment surrounding local governments is undergoing drastic changes, such as severe financial conditions, a depopulating society drawing near, and a rapidly aging society coupled with a declining birthrate. We believe that our TKC Government Cloud Service is one of the solutions for these challenges. The TKC systems support improvements in operation processes and help achieve "higher levels of service" and "more simplified and efficient administrative work" in addition to the improvements.

As of September 1,2017